Questionnaires are the forms that users find to report or report certain facts.

How to create a quiz

To create a quiz, you must follow these steps:

1. Access the Questionnaires section of the ethics mailbox menu


2. Click Add to generate a new quiz.


3. Indicate what name the quiz should have and click the Add button.


You will automatically see it generated in the quiz list.


From the list you have the options to edit the questionnaire, export it to have a copy, make a duplicate or delete it.

4. To edit the quiz and add questions, click the Edit button.


From the Edit button, you will find different options:

a) Add tags, by clicking the Add button that you will find next to the Steps option.


b) Add questions, next to the Questions option:

Either a new question:


Or a template question:


To generate new questions, type a name to identify it, select the type of question and click the Add button.


You can add as many questions as you see fit and then edit, export, delete or sort them.


If you click the Edit button:


You can configure the question with statement, answer options, etc.


5. Once you're done, click the Save button.


And you will already have the questionnaire available to be used.

Where to configure the default Questionnaire?

The default Questionnaires are linked to the Contexts , and through this menu option you must indicate which Questionnaire you want to run by default in a given context.


To do this you must follow the following steps:

  1. Select the “Contexts” menu option
  2. Select the Context where you want a Questionnaire to appear by default
  3. Indicate in Questionnaire which Questionnaire of the existing ones you want to appear by default
  4. Save the change


For more information, you can access the website of the Ethics Mailbox .