The Ethics Box is a module of the eTRAM, but it works separately. Although you do not need to have eTRAM activated to use the Ethical Mailbox module, you do need to make a specific request to sign up for the service.

The specific application for registration of the service is published in the catalog of AOC procedures in EACAT. To help you, we have attached step-by-step instructions on where to find it:

1. Access EACAT

2. Go to the top section "Procedures"


3. Search for the lender "Consorci AOC" in the list of lenders that appears in the catalog or search for "AOC" in the search engine:


4. Deploy procedures available through my institution


5. Go to the Request for registration or modification of AOC services to download the processable PDF.


5. Then, in the drop-down menu, check the option "Ethics Mailbox - eTRAM Module".


6. A few days after making the registration request, you will receive the invitation to access the common testing environment (pre-production) to take the first steps and start managing the service. You can see the work of other entities and clone it, please do not edit and save what other people have done. You can also change the general settings of the environment and then leave it back to how it was initially.

7. Within a period of seven days, you will receive the registration of your own environment identified with the name of your entity.

8. Additionally, we encourage you to attend the specific trainings of the service as an administrator of the same. You can receive information by subscribing to the weekly newsletter and consulting the AOC Blog.

For more information, you can access the website of the Ethics Mailbox